Women RV came to be because of the growing number of women rver's who are turning to each other for information, camaraderie, fun, and simply others of the same sex to talk to about something we all love.  We come in all shapes and sizes, we have all different points of view and types of rigs, some of us are married, some single, some with children and grandchildren, some childless, some young, some not so young.  Some are brand spanking new to rving, some have been doing rving or some form of camping all their lives.

Join the Women RV Forum to:

Share info - ask questions - talk with like-minded women - chat in our chat room.  By our - it's OURS - all of ours - all of the women who find us and join the forum,   you become one of the family.

No topic is stupid, no topic is wrong.  If you want to talk about religion or politics, go right ahead, but be prepared and expect to hear opposing views.  Always remember to respect each other, no matter what their view.  Refrain from using language that might be offensive. 

Most of all, ENJOY!!!  That's why we rv, isn't it?
Lake-in-Wood, PA

Lake-in-Wood, PA

Pirateland, Myrtle Beach

Pirateland, Myrtle Beach

Some Favorite Campgrounds
While those of us belonging to this women's rv forum are of many ages - some with families, some traveling alone, all of us have our love of rving in common. 

We welcome you to join us - in more ways than one.  Do you have any writing ability?  We'd like to add articles about anything pertaining to rving - so please submit contributions. 

Have you had experiences that might help some of the other women, then please, let's get your experiences included in the Articles section.

Have any tasty recipes to share?  Especially good and easy to make in an rv?  Join our forum today to add yours to our ever growing collection and to find others to use yourself!
Submit an rv park/campground review today.  The more we have, the better for all of us!  Include pics of your favorite places, please.

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The focus of this website currently is really the forum.  Any of you women rvers - single, married, divorced, widows, come and join the forum and be a part of this group.  We help each other.  No question is too stupid.  We have get-togethers - actually sometimes as small as 2 people, and other times large ones.  We are there for each other to laugh together, and sometimes to cry together. 

Come on and join us.  If you have any questions before joining, feel free to email us.

And, eventually, this website will grow to equal the forum.  For now - it's just here to get us all together!